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Randy’s Go Bag as Presented at Meeting.

Randy s go bag inventory.

1. Good sturdy pack large enough for all items.
2. Icom IC7000 all band all mode radio.
3. 66 foot RG8X coaxial cable
4. 20 foot RG8X coaxial cable
5. 12 inch RG58 patch cable
6. Radio power cable with alligator clips
7. LDG AT100 antenna tuner
8. Radio to tuner interface cable
9. 9:1 unun impedance matcher
10. 85 feet of #20 wire for antenna
11. 17 feet of #20 wire for counterpoise
12. Shelter tarp
13. 200 feet 550 cord
14. Bedroll
15. Insulating ground pad
16. First aid kit
17. Toilet kit and any medications you might need
18. Cooking utensils
19. 2 -32oz. Water bottles
20. Food for several days (make it heat and eat ie. MRE or backpacking food)
21 Fire starting kit and/or stove
22. Head lamp and/or flashlight
23. Extra batteries
24. Adventure Medical space blanket
25. Notepad and pencils
26. Multitool
27. Knife
28. Jacket and raingear
29. Extra socks
At the truck I will have 5 gal. of water and more 12 volt batteries and a solar charging panel
These are just suggested items. You can tailor your bag to your personal needs.

R.A.C.E.S. Tip of the Week

It is always good to have a work space to take notes on, paper, and a pencil. You may use a pen, but a pencil will make it easier to correct mistakes. If you will be taking your notes on a computer, use a laptop or tablet with a keyboard, as they have a battery to avoid the loss of work due to power outage. You could use a desktop computer, but if power is down be sure to have an alternate method to power your computer. I personally use the paper method, then transfer to computer later for a back up.

Check out our R.A.C.E.S. page for more information.