Nets in the White Mountains

EAARS Net: This net meets every Sunday evening at 7 PM MST. This net covers Central-Eastern, Central-Southern to South-Eastern Arizona and South-Western New Mexico. Check a repeater listing for a repeater closest to you for this is a linked system of 11 repeaters. (Greens Peak 146.70 w/PL 141.3)

ERC – Emergency Response Communication Net:  This net meets on the second Saturday of each month on the E.A.A.R.S. repeater system in central and eastern Arizona at 0845 hrs. Please refer to the E.A.A.R.S. website for repeater link frequencies. (Local Greens Peak repeater is 146.70 w/PL 141.3)

Sunday Emergency Communications Net: This net meets every Sunday at 7:00pm MST on the Kachina repeater. Its purpose is to provide training, prepare for, and demonstrate ability to provide communications during an emergency. All licensed amateurs are invited to participate. (145.310 w/PL 110.9)

Greens Peak Net: This net is a local one covering the White Mountains. This net operates every evening at 6:30 PM MST. The net is through the Kachina Club repeater on 145.310 w/PL 110.9. Secondary frequency is 146.62 w/PL 162.2 (N7QVU – Greens Peak)

Made It Though Night Gang Weather Net: This net (146.70 w/ PL 141.3) operates on the EAARS repeaters at 5:30 AM MST daily. Content is weather/social related.

Phoenix Down Under Net: 0415 to 0530 daily carried on the EAARS linked repeaters with Australia.

RIM Country Net: This net is out of the Heber/Overgaard on 146.800 w/PL 162.2 every Tuesday at 6 PM MST.

Saguaro NTS: This is a 2 meter National Traffic Net. All license class operators are welcomed and encouraged to take part in message traffic handling. The net comes by way of the EAARS linked system (146.70 w/PL 141.3) at 1830 hrs. daily. Net manager – Pink K7ILA

SKYWARN Net (Sector 1): This net meets every third Tuesday at 7:30 PM MST (1930 hrs) on the EAARS linked system (146.70 w/PL 141.3).

SKYWARN NET (Sector 5): This net meets every first Thursday at 7:00 PM MST (1900 hrs) on the Kachina Club Repeater on Greens Peak (145.31 w/PL 110.9).

2100 Net: This net comes here via the ARA linked repeater (146.72 w/PL 162.2) on Greens Peak to cover Central-Eastern Arizona. It is on nightly at 9 PM MST (2100 hrs).

LADIES ONLY NET: This net is held every Monday at 7:30 PM on the EAARS (146.700 w/PL 141.3) linked system.

ATEN 3986 kHz: This is a daily net …Oct to Apr 1730 MST … Apr to Oct 1900 MST

New Mexico Breakfast Club 3939 kHz: This is a daily net at 0630 hrs. and time changes with daylight savings time.

AZ/NM Mercury Net 3971 kHz: This net is every Saturday morning at 0730 hours. All general or above licensed Hams are invited to check in.

Omer’s Friendship Net 3952 kHz: This net is held at 0830 hrs. MST Sunday mornings. Omer W7DCA started this net in 2001 for hams to have a place to socialize.  Omer became a silent key in 2014, but his net continues through the efforts of Bob KA7SWP and Lee K7MBJ who take turns as net control. All Hams are invited to check in and participate.

Web-based SDR: Looking for a taste of what’s on the HF bands but don’t have a radio yet? Check out . You can listen to these web-based SDR’s, including stations in Utah,  from any internet-connected web browser.