Deuces Wild Triathlon

The Kachina club provided communications support for the Deuces Wild Triathlon on June 1, 2024. This was our first triathlon so a lot was going on everywhere! It was a beautiful day and a great venue at Fool Hollow Lake.

Club members provided radio communications at 10 locations along the bike route.  There were 40 riders in the 57 mile race and 80 riders in the 20 mile short course.   

A special “Thank You” to Bruce Sparrow – N2KTV, Viveca Gresham – AG7UD, Randy Beecroft – W7RJB, Richard Browning – K1RAB, Kevin Parmenter – KG5Q, Wade Millett – KK7KIG, Brian Carpenter – KA7EEJ, Mike Boger – W7IJ, George Meyer – W7AGM, Mark Binnie – W3NYC, Brian McCarter – KK7THM, Tom Goforth – WY7TG, Cheri Goforth – N7WEM, Jim Mortensen – W7AZY, Marie Mortensen – N7SKS

Here are a few pictures of the event: