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Tour of the White Mountains

The 26th Tour of the White Mountains Bike Race was Saturday, October 1, 2022, in Pinetop -Lakeside.   There were 1046 participants and each one rode their pre-registered course.  (50, 35, 30 or 9 miles)   It was another successful race enjoyed by many in our beautiful mountains!

We want to thank Kachina ARC members along with other ham operators who provided radio communications for the event.    Mike Elders – AD7W, Don -AG7OS & Darlene – KJ7JMC Roberts, June Apedaile – KF7KVV, Steve Lane – KY7K, Randy Beecroft -W7RJB, George Meyer – W7AGM, Greg Peters -W9GRG & Marie Mortensen -N7SKS.

Here are a few pictures of the event:

White Mountain Tango Endurance Ride

Members of the Kachina Club provided radio communications at several checkpoints for the White Mountain Tango Endurance Ride held September 16-17, 2022 in Vernon.   This was a timed 50 mile ride each day.  A veterinarian was there to check the horses at the several mandatory times.    The weather was perfect and the people were friendly and thanked us over and over for our help.

A big “Thank you” to:   Jim Hagan – KE5PZ, Bill Turley – KJ7GYH, Mike Lackey – KB7VMG, June Apedaile – KF7KVV, Mike Abernathy – NM3S, Manny – W7AZE & Lynn Rodrigue, Randy Beecroft – W7RJB, Jim Mortensen – W7AZY and Marie Mortensen – N7SKS.

Here are a few pictures of the event:

Chevelon Butte Repeater

Work is underway to build the new Chevelon Butte repeater. This repeater will be part of the new Navajo Link repeater network providing coverage for most of the White Mountain/Navajo County area. The work day was held on April 29 with the following participants:

  • Kevin Parmenter, KG5Q
  • Jim Mortensen, W7AZY
  • Dennis Mills, WA7ZZT
  • Steve Herron, AG7GD
  • Bill Turley, KJ7GYH

Here are a few pictures of the project and the team at work:

Here is a picture of the nearly complete site, showing the solar panels and antennas in place.