White Mountain Tango Endurance Ride

Members of the Kachina Club provided radio communications at several checkpoints for the White Mountain Tango Endurance Ride held September 16-17, 2022 in Vernon.   This was a timed 50 mile ride each day.  A veterinarian was there to check the horses at the several mandatory times.    The weather was perfect and the people were friendly and thanked us over and over for our help.

A big “Thank you” to:   Jim Hagan – KE5PZ, Bill Turley – KJ7GYH, Mike Lackey – KB7VMG, June Apedaile – KF7KVV, Mike Abernathy – NM3S, Manny – W7AZE & Lynn Rodrigue, Randy Beecroft – W7RJB, Jim Mortensen – W7AZY and Marie Mortensen – N7SKS.

Here are a few pictures of the event: