Navajo Link Repeater Network

The Navajo Link repeater network is a new linked repeater system being installed in Navajo County. It is sponsored by the Kachina Amateur Radio Club with the assistance of the Navajo County Sheriff department. Currently this proposed system is being funded by the generous donations of licensed Amateur operators and the Kachina Amateur Radio Club. We are hoping to obtain development grants to help with the cost of new needed equipment, and welcome donations from anyone who would like to help.

The network is being implemented in phases with the first phase using the existing KARC repeaters. The project is summarized as follows: 

  • First, we plan to link the 449.150 MHz repeater located at the water tank in Torreon to the 145.31 MHz repeater on Greens Peak. DONE!
  • Second, we will install a new 2m repeater at Chevelon Butte. DONE!
  • Third, we will install a new 2m repeater at Admin Butte, near Holbrook. DONE!
  • Fourth, we will install a new 2m repeater at Brook Bank Point, near Forest Lakes. DONE!
  • Fifth, we will install a new repeater on Cooley Mountain, just south of Hon-Dah.
  • Sixth, we will install a new 70cm link repeater on Admin Butte to link all the new and existing repeaters together, giving us full coverage in Navajo County. 
  • We also have a commitment from W7GNP, the owner of the N7KQ 2m repeater in Clay Springs, to tie this repeater into the linked system.

The network configuration is illustrated below. Click on the image for a larger view.

Repeater coverage maps are available here.